How to Call to Action Without Being Salesy

Companies spend a lot of budgets on creating a website marketing campaign, including establishing and issuing CTA. But what’s the point if most of the calls to buy or other actions on the site look like a cheap trick. To evaluate the quality of a CTA, you need to understand the difference between a healthy call and being salesy. In this post, we will help you to understand this issue and see the difference between a good and low-quality CTA. Save these call to action tips and increase your conversion.

What Is Call To Action?

Your website should function not only as your business card but also as a selling tool. Most often, for these purposes in web design, we use the call to action technique. CTA (call to action) in marketing is a text calling for some activity, reflected in the elements of the website design (buttons, hyperlinks, and other interface elements). Some known banal examples of CTA are Buy Now, Download Now, or Subscribe Today buttons. In other words, CTA is a bridge of communication between the brand and the client, which calls for an action profitable for the company.

Provoke customers to buy from you
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Call To Action Tips

1. Focus and specifics

Metaphors are what infuriates the viewer and gives away your salesy marketing. No one wants you to beat around the bush trying to distract the reader from your real goal. Plus, businesses being vague about what they offer usually looks like they’re trying to talk you into something debatable if not fraudulent. Be brief and emphasize what you want from the buyer. To do this, use a strong command verb at the beginning of the CTA sentence.

  • Have an e-commerce website and aiming to increase sales? Pay attention to the words like Order Now, Buy, Shop, Add to Cart.
  • Need to tell the reader more or wait for a request from them? Write Fill the Form, Find More Here, Check the Link.
  • Need to promote your magazine or blog? Start your CTA using words Subscribe, Download, Read More.

Note that sometimes, using these words specifically can be too plain and commonplace. It’s ok for when you don’t need to create any extra impression on customers – something on your website is already doing this job. But you might want to think of more creative options for your main button on the landing page – we elaborated on that a bit in Point 8.

2. Don’t be too officious

It is important to feel the difference between a capacious and clear Buy Now and too official and overloaded options like Proceed with Your Purchase. The second is likely to alienate a potential client.

Being unnecessarily wordy or using too sophisticated expressions looks good in a college essay but may make you sound showy.

3. Use the FOMO tactic

This CTA tip is based on FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out. This is a psychological effect of omission. When a person thinks that right now is their last opportunity to do something, they will likely try not to miss a chance. This is a great opportunity for you to create motivation for action = to use CTA effectively.

  • For a seasonal offer, use Last Christmas Gift, Ending season sale.
  • For any limited in time promotion, you can write Last Chance, Get Yours Before Soldout, Shop Now, Sale Ends in 2 Days. 
Provide your sale with limited time
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4. Be enthusiastic and provoke emotions

Audience’s emotions are the key to success in marketing. What’s more, emotions are contagious. If you show your enthusiasm for the product, your visitors will quickly catch up with your emotionality.

To do this, use the positive impressions of consumers and direct them to your advantage.

  • Describe your offer and consider putting an exclamation mark. This way, you will show that such a bargain should be a delight.
  • Influence the emotions of the audience and create the impression of what your client wants most. For example, if you are selling vacation packages, present them like a perfect option: “Book your dream vacation right now!”
Emotions is a key marketing tool
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Important note

In emotional marketing, it is important to know the measure. Otherwise, you risk seeming too obsessive. Arrange exclamation marks wisely, because “BUY NOW!!!!” sounds scary.

5. Provide a USP

USP (unique selling point/proposition) is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes your product unique in the market. From the marketing point of view, USP is a call to action tip that will give your audience a clear reason to choose your brand. Strong consumer motivation is your goal in promotion. Buyers need to be sure that you will give them exactly what they need. 

  • Use more specifics in your promo offers. For instance, if you sell fitness courses, write “Order now to start your workout plan”. For car selling salon, use something like “Press the button and feel the steering wheel of your own car in your hands”.

6. Use the language of numbers

Consumers are psychologically more likely to pay attention to numbers. This way, they can more realistically assess their benefits (we’re talking about discounts and promotions).

  • Push on FOMO: “$100 discount on vouchers – only today!”
  • Impact on saving delivery time: “Order now and get free delivery within 24 hours”
  • Create a feeling of great benefit: “First 10 orders receive 15% off their purchases!”.
#4 Numbers create more trust
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Another interesting remark about this CTA tip. The audience’s reaction to the language of numbers on your site (for example, how often they click on the discount button) will help you control the financial metrics of your product. This means that if the promotion is not in sufficient demand and the conversion rate is low, then perhaps you have overestimated the purchasing power of your customers. Think about lowering prices or introducing new discounts – or rethinking your target personas.

7. Become a friend to the consumer

Through promo elements on your website, address the audience in the first person. This way, you increase the level of trust in your brand and your products. Make the client feel that you are their friend. This will give the impression of a personalized approach. We all are potentially more disposed to someone who treats us as a special, unique person.

  • Highlight that your offer is for that specific client, using first-person pronouns: Get My Gift
  • Show that this benefit is available to a limited circle of people: Only for Loyalty Program Customers, Special Discounts on Your Favorite Products

8. Creative is your everything

Any call to action tip is aimed at attracting the audience’s attention. A creative approach may not always lead the client to perform the desired action, but there is no doubt that it will catch the eye. Try to rephrase the most clichéd marketing lines into something more unexpected.

  • Let the boring “buy now” become “Be the fastest hand in the Wild West. Push the button!”
  • Turn “Start your vacation here” into “A journey to your dream holidays begins with this step!”.
#5 Use all your creativity skills
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Final thoughts

Now you know the special call-to-action tips and will definitely be able to use them to your advantage. But do not forget about two basic rules:

  • Everything should be in moderation. Using the above tips individually or in a well-thought-out combination is excellent. However, do not overdo it. If you decide to put all the features in one marketing campaign or on one page of the site, then your customers will feel your desire to cash in on them.
  • The audience’s trust is above all. Of course, you are in search of an effective call-to-action techniques to increase sales or pay attention to some unique offer. But don’t put the company’s benefits before comfortable relationships with your customers. Remember that a person who has been deceived once may never return to your products.

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We wish you honest marketing and successful call to actions!

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