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Figma to WordPress

We Make It Effective

Wish to convert your Figma designs into live websites? We can do that for you – fast and pixel-perfect.
Every bit of your design will be transferred on WordPress in virtually no time.
With us, your project is in good hands: we’ve successfully completed 2700+ projects in Figma & WordPress and have hundreds of happy returning clients.

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Figma To WordPress

Figma to WordPress: Quality Work Done Efficiently

Avoid unnecessary complications – we know how to convert Figma to WordPress right.

Figma2WP advantages

Professional results

Choosing Figma2WP, you choose the best web developers that know both WordPress and Figma inside out. Your site’s code will be squeaky clean, and the interface will be looking amazing – just like you dreamed it to be.

Figma2WP advantages

Fast recreation

We work to save your time. On average, Figma To WordPress conversion is three times quicker than conventional WordPress development, which means you can launch much faster and cover the production costs even sooner.

Figma2WP advantages

Effective collaboration

We believe in the distribution of labor. That’s why we delegate parts of the work to the algorithms we’ve created. Thus, we achieve a quicker turnover and higher quality, and our developers can focus on the most complicated aspects of the task.

Our Clients

We have been working with some Fortune 500 clients.

Small Giants
Turf Factory
Small Giants
Turf Factory

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Happy Customers

This is why 2000+ companies trust us.

Figma2WP reviews

Figma2wp are true professionals and worked diligently within the timeframe we had. Super responsive and attentive. My new go-to for anything web-dev agency. Thank you!

Rodrigo Campos

Figma2WP reviews

The team I think did an excellent job. They were very good at communicating clearly with me online. Were very fair with their work. While I am not an expert it looks like everything was done correctly. I would work with them again without hesitation.

Joe Vitacco

Figma2WP reviews

Figma2WP team was super helpful in the process of getting our site a new theme and functionality. Always keeping updates going as far as progress or answering questions. They beat all the timelines for our project. Looking forward to hiring them again in the future for more projects.

Floyd Miles

5 Steps from Figma to WordPress

Quick. Effective. No effort on your part.

Figma2WP process
You show us your Figma project.
Figma2WP process
We discuss the details, determine the price and shake on it.
Figma2WP process
Our team performs the conversion.
Figma2WP process
We test the website and do the finish-up works.
Figma2WP process
You now have the website of your dreams!

Figma to WordPress with Profits

Figma to WordPress conversion benefits


We will take your Figma design and convert it to a WordPress website you will be able to use straight ahead. Leave it all to us and save yourself time!

Figma to WordPress conversion benefits


You hate the idea of coding or doubt your expertise in it? Delegate this tedious work to us! Our experts in converting Figma to WordPress guarantee top-tier websites created in line with all your plans and expectations.

Figma to WordPress conversion benefits


Figma2WP is meant to make your life easier. With us, you aren’t just getting a pixel-perfect website on WordPress. We also help you with the future site editing: each conversion comes with detailed instructions for all the essentials.

Figma to WordPress conversion benefits

No coding on your part

Want to avoid coding once and for all with this project? We will set it all up to your utmost convenience. Your WordPress site will be a pixel-perfect replica of your design, and neat and tidy on the backend, too. The admin area will be easy to navigate and use.

Figma to WordPress Pricing Guide

Try the filters below to see some starting prices based on the most common project types.

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What we offer

Top-tier quality fast

We developed the best – and the quickest – ways to conver Figma to WordPress with all the dynamic functionality and logic.

What we offer

Figma & WordPress expertise

Only best development practices that comply with all standards of the WordPress community and outside of it.

What we offer

Focus on optimization

A Performance-first approach in everything: from efficient collaboration to the optimized page load metrics.

What we offer

All-inclusive assistance

A detailed manual with texts and videos explaining how to manage the site further on to achieve the best results.

What we offer

Free support

30 days for any fixes and corrections free of charge – all for you to get everything you expected and more.

What we offer

Maintenance service

A discounted maintenance service for the following year with the plan provided to help you make the decision.

What to Expect

Conversion Done Right

Everything you need and nothing you don’t want – just the way you like.

No third-party themes

Your designs are unique, and so should be your website. Using a ready-made solution wouldn’t allow for that kind of individuality; so, we choose a different approach. Rather than tweaking the semi-suitable stencils, we put your masterpiece on an intact blank canvas and bring it to life.

No compatibility issues

Your website shouldn’t depend on updates and compatibility between different themes and plugins. That’s the main guiding line for our Figma-to-WordPress conversions. The fewer third-party add-ons a site has, the fewer factors you’ll have to keep in mind when managing or editing it.

Only native WordPress functionality

We build sites using only the WordPress editor blocks. That helps us achieve both better site performance and more convenience for you as the admin. Your site will have all the things you designed exactly the way you want it – with no additional software installed. However, if you prefer, we’ll use a page builder of your choice.

Clean and polished admin dashboard

It is your project, and we want you to be happy with the results even long after everything is done. That’s why we adapt the dashboard to your convenience. No unnecessary load on the site and no bloated and cumbersome menus or panels – just a neatly organized admin area with all the settings made handy.

Meticulous quality control

We prefer our work to be efficient and our code to be clean, and we bet you too. To ensure that, we always follow WordPress Codex, use Git for version control and perform all the necessary QA checks. Letting no smallest detail escape our keen eye, we keep every change organized and under control. Thus, you get your website ready faster.