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Wish to convert your Figma designs into live websites? We can do that for you fast and pixel-perfect.

Portfolio at Figma to WordPress service - Figma2wp
Portfolio at Figma to WordPress service - Figma2wp
Portfolio at Figma to WordPress service - Figma2wp
Portfolio at Figma to WordPress service - Figma2wp
Portfolio at Figma to WordPress service - Figma2wp
Portfolio at Figma to WordPress service - Figma2wp


Figma to WordPress – to digital awesomeness

A year of discounted maintenance service will help you focus on the bigger picture.
Figma to WordPress Service - Figma2wp - for the best performance of your website
Custom to the last bit
Figma2WP is not just about making a pixel-perfect interface. Everything, from the backend to fancy interaction animations, will be optimized to ensure the best capacity and frictionless performance.
Figma to WordPress Service - Figma2wp - quick and easy
Quick transfer
We know our ways with both Figma and WordPress: years of working with the two helped us design efficient design-to-site conversion algorithms. Your website will be ready much faster than it would be with conventional web development.
Figma to WordPress Service - Figma2wp - only best quality from experienced team of professionals
Meticulous quality control
With Figma2WP, speed doesn’t come at the cost of quality. It’s no one-click automated transfer where you end up left to your own devices and deal with the outcome yourself. Our experts provide professional services, including thorough testing of your site, in and out.


Real Stories from Happy Customers

We get heartwarming reviews and – even more importantly – see our clients return with new exciting projects.
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Alex and his team are true professionals and worked diligently within the timeframe we had to diagnose the problems I was having with my website. Super responsive and attentive. My new go-to for anything web-dev agency. Thank you!
Rodrigo Campos
The team I think did an excellent job. They were very good at communicating clearly with me online. We're very fair with his work. While I am not an expert it looks like everything was done correctly. I would work with them again without hesitation.
Joe Vitacco
Alex was super helpful in the process of getting our site a new theme and functionality. Always keeping updates going as far as progress or answering questions. He beat all the timelines for our project. Looking forward to hiring him again in the future for more projects.
Floyd Miles

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Figma to WordPress Conversion Done Right

Top-tier quality fast
Launch your business online ASAP with a website that makes its awesomeness pop.
Performance-First approach
Figma2WP is highly optimization-focused in terms of all performance aspects.
Free support
For your convenience, 30 days for any fixes and corrections free of charge.
Figma & WordPress expertise
Most up-to-date tools and methods, plus Codex compliance.
All-inclusive assistance
Your site will come with a manual explaining how to edit the content.
Quicker than the usual development.
Figma2wp Team - want to know more about us? We transfer your designs in Figma to WordPress for 10 years


Figma to WordPress – to digital awesomeness

Our team builds all sorts of sites: from portfolio one-pagers to big ecommerce sites with fully custom functionality. We thoroughly recreate every bit of your design on the WordPress canvas, and we know the speediest ways to do it.
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We already answered most popular questions

How is Figma2WP different from regular web development?

Since we’ve been knee-deep into both tools for quite a while, we’ve designed our workflow as efficiently as it can possibly be. All our Figma-to-WordPress processes are optimized to the level of algorithms – it gets this 👌 close to automating in terms of precision. Meanwhile, we keep our work highly custom: our solutions are tailor-made and pass all the necessary QA checks.

Why WordPress?

Out of all CMSs out there, we love WordPress the most. It provides great customization capacities and, at the same time, allows keeping the admin panel understandable for non-developers. Plus, it works great with Figma, which enables us to perform Figma-to-WordPress conversions even faster. We’re sure you’ll like WordPress, too. And to be on the safe side, we’ll fix you with a detailed manual on how to properly edit and update your site.

How long will my Figma-to-WordPress project take?

Short answer: it depends. Of course, a landing page will be ready much faster than an ecommerce site. We’ve completed full-fledged business sites in as short as 3 days. To get a more precise time and price estimate, you can always contact us. However, all transfers from Figma to WordPress are faster than the common type of development.

How much does it cost?

You can take a look at our pricing here – this block gives the lower end of the price ranges for different site categories. If you’re not sure which one is your case, discuss it with us – we’ll help you with the details. Tell us a bit about your business and what you plan to achieve, and we’ll set you up with a suitable Figma-to-WordPress conversion.

Will I be able to edit my site after conversion?

Surely! Figma-to-WordPress-converted sites are perfectly flexible: you’ll be able to edit everything from the admin dashboard. If you wish to change an image, edit some titles or even add menu items, you’ll be able to do so. We’ll share some tips on the main things about your website in a manual, and leave your admin dashboard perfectly tidy so that it’s easier for you to navigate.

What’s in the admin manual?

Each Figma2WP conversion comes with detailed instructions on how to edit the look and the content of your site. We showcase several essential ones with screencasts and step-by-step breakdowns of what to do.

Figma designs only?

Depending on what you need. As of now, we perform conversions based only on Figma designs. However, you’re not limited to that! If your design is in a different app, we can develop your site based on it, too. That won’t be a Figma-to-WordPress conversion, but web development in its usual form. Contact us here if you have a project to discuss. Also, we’re knee-deep into building something awesome called Fiwy – this app will help you convert your designs to sites automatically, regardless of which software you used for designing.

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