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Team Figma2WP

We are the ones who can set you free from coding – we are Team Figma2WP.

Figma2WP is 100% our service. We developed an algorithm perfect in its efficiency based on years of working in web dev. We know WordPress and Figma from the inside out and have found the fastest routes for anything and everything in both tools.

That’s how we’ve created Figma2WP. We take your design, perform our magic, and boom! Here’s your website, looking great – exactly like you planned – and doing everything it should. Just as if the design went live with a wave of a magic wand.


We make the digital world a friendlier place

You want an easy online start for your business? Everything is planned and sketched, but developing a website seems overwhelmingly scary? If you have a Figma design in place, we’ll help you get it implemented fast and pixel-perfect.

No extraordinarily long development processes, no details lost on the way, no coding on your part – just your design turned into a WordPress site.

Meet the team who makes it possible



Founder & CEO
The inspirer and creator of all our services.


Senior Full-Stack Developer
The leader of the dev team who takes part in product development.


Full-Stack Developer
The do-it-all WordPress expert who works on most of our client’s projects.


Full-Stack Developer
The meticulous solver of any web dev problem and our super-skillful WordPress geek.


Frontend Developer
The magician of the visual side of the sites we work on.


UI/UX Designer
The chief Figma geek, the artist of all our visuals – from logos to interfaces.


Content Director
The voice behind most of the text you read on our sites.

Your project is in good hands

With our team of the best WP developers, you can be sure the conversion goes flawless. Every pixel of your design will appear on the resulting site – nothing will be left behind under their scrupulous eye. The whole team packed with top-notch experts is here to make your dream site come true.

Project Manager

Task Distributor

Frontend & Backend Developers

WordPress Experts

QA Analysts

Quality Administrator

Why Figma2WP Conversion

We already helped lots of clients with their sites – be the one to try it for yourself!

  • Gets done much faster than development (and cheaper!)
  • Perfectly copies your design
  • Comes with a neat and clean admin dashboard
  • Strengthened by a 30-day warranty
  • … and with a maintenance plan – if you wish
Figma2WP advantages Figma2WP advantages