Figma2WP Key Features

The pain of any web designer is to come up with a brilliant stylish website idea but, at the exit, to get a completely different result and be disappointed. Forget about the nervous stages of creating a website when the initial idea is lost in the process. Now you have Figma2WP – a service that will change your attitude to WordPress web development based on Figma design once and for all. Get ready to find out about all the charms of this service!

Figma2WP Key Features

Fast & efficient

In the modern rhythm of life, everything around exists at breakneck speeds, and sometimes you just don’t have time to wait an extra second for the site to load. This is no longer a problem because, with Figma2WP, your site will run at rocket speed. No difficulties for visitors: any request will be processed in an instant.

Be sure: we have the formula of an ideal efficient website verified by many years of experience. We know the exact proportions of incredible design, great content, and fancy code.

Lean & clean code

Success is in logic. The quality of the final product largely depends on its backstage. From now on, there is no more unnecessary garbage in the stuffing of the site. We are guided by the signs of high-quality code: readability, stability, modifiability. The use of each function is absolutely justified. Any site from the FIgma2WP team, regardless of its content, has a clear structure and logical order of code construction. No pitfalls or unpleasant surprises. This approach allows the site to work as long as possible without interruptions and to please visitors with its speed.

Pixel-perfect website

Are you familiar with the expression “The devil is in the details”? It describes pixel perfection for websites. In an ideal product, all the details down to the last pixel should be brought to the ideal. Pixel-perfect development is a completely necessary skill in modern web development, which is honed by many years of practice and an extensive list of completed projects. Frontend developers of the Figma2WP team can definitely boast of this.

Absolute editability

We leave our code open to any kind of changes, if necessary. In this way, we show that we care about the future of our projects. Any website sooner or later will require adjustments in accordance with the latest trends in the world of web development. With the help of absolute editability, we give our customers the opportunity to do it on their own. This does not require deep knowledge of the code. You want to change one picture, a whole block of text or an entire page – whatever. It is absolutely available to you.

SEO & performance optimization

We are always on the same side with you. That is why our products are focused on ranking higher on a search engine results page so that you receive more traffic and increase your relevance in the webspace. The Figma2WP team has experts in SEO algorithms who will be happy to help make your site attractive for display in search engines. In addition, we are well versed in website speed optimization techniques, so each of our sites can safely be called efficient and effective in terms of performance.

Compatibility with WordPress products

Any website made by our team based on your Figma design remains a space for improvement. We make them compatible with your favorite WordPress products. This means that if you need to add something to the site, you can safely use the WordPress product catalog. Whether it’s a plugin or a theme, our sites are friendly to all branches of WordPress. This gives room for creativity and endless opportunities for development.

Figma2WP Key Features

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We’re always happy to help! Ask us anything about Figma2WP – we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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