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Case Study

Mohini Rawat Physical Therapy

We had to design and develop a site for Mohini Rawat PT, P.C. It is a company that specializes in providing personalized one-on-one musculoskeletal care in the USA.

The site should have such pages as a Home page, Resources, About Us, Contact Us and a Blog page with a page for single posts. As the client required, we had to build the site with the Elementor page builder on the Astra theme for WordPress.


WordPress development
Elementor editor
Gravity Forms
PHP, JavaScript



Our Task

Our task was to design and develop 5 pages (Home page, Resources, About Us, Contact Us, Blog) and a Single Post page.


The client’s choice was to have the site built with Elementor on the Astra theme.




Musculoskeletal physical therapy


Health and fitness

Our Solution

We designed the site in Figma and implemented our pixel-perfect design-to-site conversion technology.

A Figma design transferred on the Astra + Elementor canvas is the three pillars of quick and super efficient website building.

Home page

Home page

The home page consists of several custom blocks and a subscription form which we made with the Gravity Forms plugin. The page starts with the hero section that has a call-to-action button. Among others, there are custom blocks for reviews and for illustrated text with icons.

Logo Carousel

To show the awards and diplomas of the company, we used a carousel block with the images of the institutions from which Mohini Rawat PT, P.C. gained recognition. The carousel displays the gallery of seven logos and provides arrows for scrolling through the images.

Logo carousel
Resources page


The Resources page has a custom block with registration cards for different patient resources. Each of the three cards has an editable icon and title and a call-to-action button leading to the dedicated portals. The page also provides an FAQ section implemented as an accordion block.

Our Result

We designed the site and performed a Figma2WP conversion in virtually no time. The site consists of 5 pages (+ Single Post page) built with Elementor on the Astra theme.


For each page, we developed custom blocks and forms and added call-to-action buttons. The company achievements are represented in the Logo Carousel block.

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